First Presbyterian Church

Faith in times of Change

God’s grace and peace to you!

I love the season of autumn!  I love the colors, the cool mornings followed by warmer daytime temperatures.  I love the comfort of fireplaces and hot chocolate, warm blankets to wrap up in, the glorious trees dressed in brilliant colors. 

I snapped this picture on my walk this week:


I love this picture because it has red, yellow and green leaves all on the same tree, all at the same  time. It reminds me of life — there are parts of our lives that are thriving, some that are changing and some that are fading in every season of our lives.  Sometimes it feels like this happens daily!  Sometimes those things we trusted to remain forever, seem to fail us; sometimes those desires that we had stopped hoping for begin to  become a reality. Our lives, like the leaves on this tree, are changing day to day and year to year.

And yet in all that change, God remains God. And God is with us in all those changes.  God calls us to change and grow — to let go of some ideas and to grab hold of others; to move from a place of comfort to a place of challenge; to love and to grieve and to love again this life of change that we live. 

Knowing God is with me in the changes is a comfort to me. That is why when I see these leaves — some red, some yellow, some green. I remember that even as some of the leaves are drying up and will soon be gone, there is still life; there is something holding on, something being renewed within; something that gives life even in the midst of change. That is the mystery of faith!

May God strengthen and renew your faith in God this day!

In God’s great grace!

Pastor Judy