First Presbyterian Church

Play is Important!

May God fill you with wonder this day!

It has been fun planning and thinking about what we might do this week while our youngest granddaughter is with us.  Her Dad’s job is moving him back to Ohio, so while her Mom and Dad are house hunting, Callie will spend a week with Grannymother and Granddaddy.  We will do things a little differently this week and probably include more “fun” outings than we usually plan for ourselves just because Callie is with us.  We will get to play more, imagine more, be surprised more!

It makes me think about how God invites us to play.  It is so easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of work and getting things done that we forget to play.  We forget how to be creative and imaginative.  We forget how refreshing and life-giving it can be to do life a little differently and to see life through the eyes of a child — those eyes of wonder and curiosity. I think God invites us to both work and play as we go through our days.  As God’s children we are made in wonder and awe; play helps us to recapture that wonder and awe in one another and in the God who made us.

Does God love to play and imagine?  Look at these creatures — a peacock shrimp and a panda ant.

What do you think?  Spend some time wondering, imagining, creating and playing;  God made you for that, too!

Pastor Judy