First Presbyterian Church

90 Years!

Grace and peace to you this day!

Yesterday was the celebration of my Mom on her 90th birthday!  It was quite a tribute in many ways.  She has touched and has been touched by so many people in her 90 years. She received so many cards and telephone calls and last evening there were 8 of us at dinner with her representing 4 generations!  Even in the joy of being together, I felt the absence of those who could not be with us.  We knew where they were and why they were not able to be with us; there were other obligations, too many miles that could not be traveled, Dad in the nursing home.

I wonder if maybe that is the way that God feels about those who miss the party.  The party is filled with joy and the celebration is grand but there is an admission that not everyone is there and the party would be just a little better with their presence.  I think God wants all of his children and every generation of all of his children present at the party.  Should we be sending out more invitations?  Are we leaving out some of God’s children on purpose?  Who are the ones we are forgetting to invite to the party?

Thanks to all of you who are carrying on the joyful celebration today at First Presbyterian Church in Connersville in my absence.  I so appreciate each of you and am including you in my joyful prayers of thanksgiving this day.

In God’s Great Grace,
Pastor Judy