First Presbyterian Church

A Christmas Poem

God’s gift of love to each of you!!!

Oh, the day before Christmas!
So many memories,
so many traditions,
so many feelings,
so many sights
and stories to tell.

So many lights,
so many people,
so many smiles on so many faces.
There are loved ones to greet
and friends to remember
and food to be shared
and even snow this December!

And yet in the stable
there is still time to wait.
There is only enough.
Not the much-ness of many.

The world’s not aware
til the birth is proclaimed
Then the skies sing out
for the new-born king.

Out of enough-ness
One gift is for all.
The gift that unites us
And the gift is so small.
Just ten little fingers and
ten little toes is enough
to bring God
and a love
that forever will grow

Love grows in the moments
we remember His grace
Love grows when we
see Him in another
human face.
Love grows with the patience
of making new friends,
Love grows when we share
when we pray, when we mend

May we find Him enough
through this time of delight
As we hold to the One
who is born on this night
May we grow in His
Oneness, in His love
in his birth, til the gift
of His peace covers
all of the earth.

Where enough is the guide
and where all are made one.
Where love is the answer
and justice is done;
when earth is filled with
the glory of God.
then the waiting is done and
Newness can come.
by Pastor Judy

May you live in expectant waiting of God’s newness in your life!

Pastor Judy