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A New Adventure!

God’s grace and peace to you this day!
I am headed off to the airport shortly with both anticipation and a little angst.  I fly from Indy to Newark, NJ.  Once I land in Newark I have to get to Princeton Seminary and to do that I have to take a train and a bus.  That is where the angst comes in; trying to navigate a transportation system that is completely unknown to me.  And, I will be trying to navigate all of that with suitcase and backpack in 90 degree weather.  Oh, I wish I were already there! But this is all part of the journey and I am sure I will have to stop and ask many questions along the way.
God calls us to so many new journeys in our lifetime and sometimes just getting there is the most foreboding part.  Taking that next step into the unknown and unfamiliar is often times the hardest.  We feel vulnerable and have to rely on others — others who have been there ahead of us, others who may or may not understand our angst because it all feels so familiar to them, others who may or may not take the time to answer our questions and guide us a long the way.  Some of our experiences will be encouraging and some, well, may not be so encouraging.
As Christ-followers we are called to step out in faith on these unknown journeys. We are called to trust in God, to be vulnerable, to ask questions and trust others.  We are also called to BE “the others”.  We are called to help one another along the journey, get each one to the next step along the way; walk with another as far as we can; encouraging each one to take that next step.  This is community.  This is Christian fellowship.  This is the church.
Where are you along this journey?  Whom are you walking alongside? Whom are you trusting with your questions in taking the next step.  How are you responding to those who need help and guidance?  It is all part of the journey. Be good travel companions for one another.  Bear with one another in kind-heartedness.
God bless you this day!
Pastor Judy
p.s.  I’ll let you know when I get to my destination today!

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