First Presbyterian Church


I’ve heard several of you talk about it. A couple of you even took me there but only for coffee. I’ve heard about the daily specials…as well as some of the conversation. It didn’t sink in until I went there myself…today…for lunch in order to experience it all myself. What am I talking about?
Brian’s Bookstore and Coffee Bar of course! You all know about it already, of course. It’s an institution! The recommendations come from far and wide. “The food was to die for and the atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. This place is a must whether you live in Connersville or are just visiting!!! (Comments from an out of town guest). I’ve heard about Brian and accomplishments. I’ve heard about some of the menu items. I’ve heard about the afternoon “meeting” in which the regulars talk sports, politics, religion, etc. and even sing. It’s a place you want to experience, to sit and drink in the culture, the stories, and be nourished by food and friendship.

In some ways, what happens at Brian’s is what I wish…what I hope can happen here – at First Pres Connersville. Oh, you say, we don’t have that kind of food. We don’t have that kind of time to exchange stories-ideas-dreams-problems-solutions! Why not? Isn’t the best of a place like Brian’s what we desire for our church? Wouldn’t you want to leave here feeling that what we did here made you feel better about yourself, about your life, about the world? Wouldn’t you want to be able to remember and to savor the experiences here long after you go home; so much that you couldn’t wait to come back? Wouldn’t you want to share those stories and experiences with others to the degree that you couldn’t wait to tell someone else what happened earlier! When was the last time you went home from church and couldn’t wait to tell someone, “Let me tell you what happened there today! Let me tell you what they did! Would you believe that…”
What we do at church has long-term, eternal significance! I want our experience here to draw us closer to God – to one another. What kind of ingredients would it take to make this the kind of place that people from somewhere else would write back and say about us, “This place is a must whether you live in Connersville or are just visiting!!!”