First Presbyterian Church

Almost Always Ready

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

Fall is coming; but not quite here yet.  I have noticed leaves are turning and beginning to fall across the driveways and walkways’ and yet there is one tree that has begun to flower again.  We have had some cool mornings with temperatures in the 50’s and yet just yesterday morning temperatures were back in the70’s and the humidity felt like July. Almost Fall but not quite yet.

Isn’t that where we seem to live our lives  — in that space of almost but not quite yet.  I am almost ready to tackle cleaning that garage.  I am almost ready to start that exercise program.  I am almost ready to begin a daily devotion time.  I am almost ready to __________. (you fill in the blanks). 

And yet God is always ready! God is never just almost ready!  Always ready to hear our prayers.  Always ready to welcome us back when we stray.  Always ready to love us.  Always faithful — even when we are faithless.  

How do we move from almost ready to always ready?  God calls us to always be ready to give an account of our faith.  Always be ready to love one another.  Always be ready to love God and to love ourselves. 

I want to be working more towards the always ready and try to overcome some of the “almost”s” in my life.   I am going to start being more “always ready”! Well, just as soon as Fall gets here — and it is almost here, right?


Pastor Judy