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God’s grace and peace to you this day!

This is a picture of one end of the beach in front of the hotel where we stayed.  It is at this end that walls have been built to provide a safe harbor for container ships, and cruise ships to arrive on the island.  It is called Nawiliwili Harbor and was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1900’s.  The swirl of the waters here always fascinates me because it is at this end that the boundaries are erected, a river joins the ocean, and the sea waves are perfect for beginning surfers. Since all beaches in Hawaii are public beaches there are always tourists, cruisers, and locals enjoying the beach.
One of the things that impressed me this time as I walked along this beach is that the harbor was built by erecting boundaries to hold back the water.  The boundary provides the safety.  Because there are boundaries the area is safe for all — closer in it is safe for people who want to surf and swim and further out it is safe for ships large and small to dock in the shelter of a safe harbor.  Boundaries provide safety.
In our lives we need to set some boundaries also that make our relationships safe for all. Boundaries are not to keep people out; but like a harbor, boundaries offer safety for all who enter.
There is much in the news these days about how people have crossed boundaries and relationships have become unsafe.  This can be scary and traumatic.  One of the callings on the church is to help people learn to be authentic and vulnerable within safe boundaries.  We have not always done that well.  This picture reminds me to help make our community a safe place for the many who enter, a harbor where all can enjoy the presence of God in their midst.
Pastor Judy
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