First Presbyterian Church


Grace and Peace from God to each of you!

Our son, Adam, has been here for a couple of weeks and he is going through trunks and boxes that he had stored here.  It has been a good opportunity for Art and I to go through some old boxes also.  We have found many “treasures”, lots of items for Goodwill and a couple of carloads for the refuse station (or as we call it, “the dump”)! Many of the items that went in the trash were broken and deemed impossible or too costly to fix.

We have become more of a throw away society.  We often replace rather than try to fix things that are broken. We often extend this mentality to people in our lives also. It is easier to just be rid of that old and fractured friendship, or find a new group to hang out with,  rather than do the hard work of understanding and reconciliation.  God calls us to the work of understanding and reconciliation, the work of mending the broken; in fact God finds that broken people are often more useful than those who have never been broken. If we spend all of our energy trying to “hold it all together”, tying to cover all the cracks, there is not much energy left for anything else but ourselves.  God calls us to admit  (confess) our frailties, our cracks, and to let those be places where God can do God’s loving and  mysterious work of  strengthening us. It is in this way that our weaknesses show God’s strength.

We all have cracks, we all are broken.  God does not discard any of us.  There is no “dump” in God’s kingdom.  Everything is made whole and new again.  There may be a few scars but they are reminders of how we and God have done the hard work together.  The scars remind us of God’s presence among us.

Today we celebrate the joyful feast of Holy Communion.  Today we celebrate our kinship with Christ  — in  our brokenness and in our restoration.  To God be the Glory!

In God’s Great Grace,
Pastor Judy