First Presbyterian Church

Doing Church Better

God’s grace and peace to each of you!

We have had a couple of busy but refreshing days.  One was meeting with our son in Dayton and then “watching” him work as we enjoyed the musical, Jersey Boys.  Our youngest son Adam is head of sound for the touring production of Jersey Boys.  It always amazes me at what he hears and what he does — it involves computer cues, light cues, how the temperature and humidity affect the sound in a theatre, how the size and structure of the building determine where the speakers are hung and at what angle to get the best sound for everyone.  Lots of decisions go into making the evening enjoyable and flawless from the sound angle.  The same is true for lighting, prop designers, stage managers, musicians, actors and singers!  It takes a lot of people to make the show “go on’’’.  And they do it not for themselves but for the enjoyment of hundreds and thousands of other people!  One of the things I love about visiting with Adam while he is working is that I am so impressed with the quality of  folks he works with. They truly appreciate the contributions that each cast and crew member offers to the production; and they tell each other (and each other’s parents) how much they appreciate the work each one  contributes.  They are truly family to one another!

Isn’t that a great picture of a healthy church!  In Jersey Boys, there are  50 people who live, work, travel and play together; who appreciate one another and do it all for the benefit of others. And they do it every day!   Amazing how God gives us pictures of how we can  do better at “doing church” together.  

We, as “the church” have a  story to share with the world that is much bigger than the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons;  yet we get bogged down in the minutiae of doing church.  The conference I attended this weekend was on the “Healthy Small Church”and you will probably be hearing a lot about that conference in the weeks to come.  If that cast and crew of 50 people can influence so many people with their story — what a challenge we have to share God’s story and influence people!  Are you up to the challenge?  God says go for it! And let’s not count God out   — God has already set the stage! 


Pastor Judy