First Presbyterian Church


God’s grace and peace to you this day!

This cold, cold weather makes me want to hibernate!  It took a couple of days for me to want to come out of my cocoon but when I did I discovered the brilliant sunshine.  Graciously, we have enjoyed some beautiful sunshiny days in the midst of this dangerously cold streak.  The sunshine was there all along but I could not see it snuggled up in my cocoon, looking only at the thermometer.  Finding the sunshine was a bit of an epiphany for me.  All of sudden I could see the lovely crystal patterns made by the snow and ice; I could actually feel the warmth of the sun coming in through the glass.

That’s right this is the first Sunday in the season of Epiphany!  Epiphany is a revelation; finding a meaning, a trait, something that was there all along but not yet seen. There is a connotation of light being the source of the revelation in an epiphany.  The sunshine was there all along but I wan’t looking for it; I was blinded by those below zero temperatures that I kept hearing about and seeing on my thermometer each morning.  This is a good reminder for me in the new year;  I need to be more aware of when I am blinded to the light right in front of me because I won’t even look up or look out.

Understanding God’s character, seeing God for who God is, understanding our relationship with God is revealed to us in life and light Jesus. As we come together on this first Sunday of the New Year, may we not be cocooned in what has been or hibernating within our own places of comfort, but may we be looking for the light that will reveal new and wonderful
patterns and warmth of God’s love for us and our love for God.  May we be looking for Jesus.

Pastor Judy