First Presbyterian Church

Even A Cup of Cold Water

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

“Even a cup of cold water”.  Matthew 10:42 talks about receiving a reward for offering a disciple “even a cup of cold water”.  Something so very basic means so very much. It deepens our appreciation of the ordinary.  It reminds us to be hospitable to one another.  
How often we forget the basics of hospitality to one another.  It is not about the rules of hospitality as described by “Manners, the Butler” (that I grew up with) like: napkin in your lap, forks on the left, elbows off the table.  It is about welcoming one another: offering who we are and receiving the gift of who they are as people. It is about the hospitality of God.  It is about making room for others in our lives.  And it only takes small steps to achieve that.  God’s hospitality is beneficial to both — those who offer and those who receive.  
How might you build God’s Kingdom this day, this week, by offering a “cup of cold water” to someone?  How might you build God’s Kingdom by receiving a “cup of cold water” offered by someone else?
Pastor Judy
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