First Presbyterian Church

Experiencing God’s Answers to Prayer

Sometimes God answers my prayers in ways I do not expect.  

I had an early morning on Thursday and spend some time re-reading a book by Henry Blackaby titled,  “Experiencing God”.   I had read through this book and done a bible study with the workbook about 15 years ago.  (The good part about aging is that I can re-read this book now – almost for the first time; in other words, I had forgotten a lot of what I had read in that first study J)

Anyway, back to my prayer.  After reading through the first couple of chapters this morning, my prayer was that God would open my eyes and ears to God’s work around me.   Shortly afterwards I got ready to take my morning walk. 

As I was walking, I noticed what appeared to be some baby birds just learning to fly.  They would walk along the side of the path and then spread their little wings and fly a couple of feet and then land again.  Their little chirp was very different from any I had ever heard.  I am not very good at putting together birds with their songs but this was a crisp little tweet that intrigued me so I got out my phone and videoed the birds hoping to catch their tune on the video. 

 Not much further along my path, I noticed a squirrel moving rather slowly – an oddity for a squirrel.  As I got closer I noticed that he had one lame leg and was dragging in around behind him.  The squirrel slowly moved over into the shade of a tree but did not scamper up the tree and I wondered how long he would survive not being able to find safety in the treetops.

 As I continued my circle around Dale Cemetery, I suddenly realized what had happened.  God had granted my prayer that had been prayed only minutes before I left home. God had given me ears and eyes to see and hear the sound of those new baby birds, to witness the excitement and joy of new life.  And God had let me be witness to how God provides for a squirrel in distress.  How the shade of the tree protected him even when he could not climb into the higher branches.  I had experienced God at work in the world around me.  God had opened my eyes ad ears to sounds and sights that I probably had passed by two or three times that week as I walked that same path but I had not noticed them before.   Knowing God through experiencing God had become a reality and not just a mental exercise of thought.  I rejoiced in the miracle of that prayer, that morning and our amazing God.

 What an awesome God we serve!  What are some of the ways that God has opened your eyes and ears to God-at-work around you?

 In praise and wonder!

Pastor Judy