First Presbyterian Church

Fan or Follower?

Ok, I will admit it — even in writing — when it comes to basketball, I am a UNC Tar Heel FAN! I have been for a long time. When Art and I were at Carolina it was in the days of Dapper Dean Smith and Michael Jordan — hard not to get drawn into basketball during that era!

As much as I like cheering the Tar Heels on, I really do not know much about the team and its members. Unlike those that really follow Carolina basketball, I do not know all the stats and I cannot analyze their shots and plays. I like watching the game and I love seeing them WIN! I wear the colors, the tee shirts and the sweats, I know the sayings: “God must be a Tar Heel because that is why the sky is Carolina Blue.” Even for all of that I am only a fan and not a follower.

Several years ago there was a book written about whether or not we are fans or followers of Jesus; Pastor Kyle Idleman wrote Not a Fan. Idleman asked are we just fans who wear the shirts, and the What-would-Jesus-do bracelets, and the crosses, but really don’t let Jesus make any changes in our lives. Are we willing to support Jesus as long as all is running smoothly but seem to back away when we are called to sacrifice in our own lives for the sake of being more Jesus-like to others?

Another confession, as much as I claim to be a fan of UNC, I was so tired last night that I did not watch the game. I was in bed before it even got started. Makes me wonder, do I sometimes close my eyes to what Jesus is calling me to do, too?

How about you, are you a FAN or FOLLOWER of Jesus? How do we gauge our involvement? How do we know when we cross over from being FAN to becoming a fully devoted FOLLOWER of Jesus? I want to be more of a follower of Jesus every day. How about you? Let’s work on that together!

Pastor Judy