First Presbyterian Church


I have been thinking about foundations recently, and this came to mind…

I have a new pair of walking shoes.  They are brightly colored and have quite a substantial tread on them.  They are “cushiony” inside and have good arches in them.  They sound perfect don’t they?  But they are not quite as comfortable as my old shoes; I have only worn them twice and they are not “broken in” quite yet. My

shoes are my foundation for walking.  They need to be comfortable and sturdy; but eventually they wear out and I have to start over again with a new pair.

That reminds me of my journey with God.  As I grow, as I learn, as I experience more of God in my life, some of my foundational assumptions change.  Some of the things that I thought as a child have proven wrong.  God is not like Santa Claus, God does not keep a record of what I have done wrong.  And some of those foundations have enlarged, like God continues to be more loving and relational than I ever could have imagined.  My foundations about God change and grow.  It is not always comfortable to change those foundations and I have to think about them and live with them for a while before they feel right and true and comfortable.  Like my new shoes.  

How might you be need to grow or change or expand the foundations of what you believe about God?  

Keep Walking with God,

Pastor Judy