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God is ALWAYS the Provider!

August 28, 2016

God’s grace and peace to all of you this day!

I have been thinking a bit and praying a lot about how God might help me blur and eventually erase the lines of distinction between differing groups of people — especially between “givers” and “receivers”.  I think most of this began in the context of Community Meals.  How do we cross those barriers of “I am here to give to you” and “you are here to receive from me” and learn to mutually share what we have as an abundance provided by God no matter who supplies or brings it?  What can we begin to learn about one another when we sit at a table and share a meal in open hospitality? What blessings, besides food, does God provide when we are open to God’s presence at our tables?

One of the practices mentioned in the book Sabbath, suggested an extra place setting at the table each time we gather for a meal.  The extra setting can remind us of God’s presence with us as provider of the meal. It is a reminder of God’s hospitality toward us and an effort for us to extend that hospitality to others. 

There is much in scripture that happens around a table.  How might our “tables” be a means of ministry to our community, a sharing in mutuality, a deepening of our faith, a blessing for all?

May God bless you and those around your table this day!

Pastor Judy

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