First Presbyterian Church

God is near

May you find comfort in God’s grace and peace,

I love how God uses so many resources to get God’s message across!  God has used casual yet intentional conversations to encourage me this week.  God has used time together with others and time alone in reflection to bring peace and comfort to my spirit and mind.

I had a couple of things on my mind this week that felt a little “sskewed” in the ways they were progressing.  A little tension and a few unknowns were leading to feelings of doubt and uncertainty.  So I decided to take an afternon walk. I have found that walking often offers a bit of therapy for me.  Walking allows me to get away from media; to listen, to reflect.  And somehow God always shows up in unexpected ways.  

I noticed as I began my walk that there was a funeral taking place on the north side of the cemetery.  I headed south so I would not disturb their service.  As I was walking, I heard the military gun salute from the burial site, then I heard the bugler playing “Taps”.  Hearing the soft notes of the bugle from afar, I began thinking about the words to”Taps” —  

Day is done, Gone the sun,

From the lake, From the hill

From the sky.

All is well, Safely rest,

God is nigh.”

What resonated with me in that moment, what I heard was “All is well. Safely rest. God is nigh.”  As I continued to walk, I kept repeating those words.  “All is well. Safely rest. God is nigh.”  God was near! God was present! God was giving me the peace and security to safely rest with the ideas and thoughts that seemed uncertain; that seemed unknown.  Those things that had earlier seemed “skewed” now perfectly rested in my mind as being part of God’s plan to proceed. 

And so I am reminded, once again, that God is near — making all well, giving rest, not only in death but even more especially in all of life!


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In God’s great grace,

Pastor Judy