First Presbyterian Church

Greeting God

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

What is in a greeting?  Do you greet your friends and family differently?  Does your greeting reflect your relationship with each individual or is there a general greeting you use for almost everyone?  Does our way of greeting tell something about us? About the person we are greeting?  Most of us use a myriad of greetings during a single day.  How do those greetings reflect the respect we have for one another?
Do you take the time to say more than a “hello”?  Do you honestly inquire about how they are doing and are you ready to listen to their response if it is more than “fine”?  Do you offer them a complement even if you do not know them very well — the cashier with the new hairdo or nice sweater?  Do you return their smiles?
How do you greet God when you come into God’s presence? Does your demeanor suggest that you are happy to be together with God for a while or does it feel like a chore?  Are you always asking questions but not really waiting to hear God’s response?
That’s a lot of questions to think about.  Our Monday night group started a new Bible Study this week and there  is  homework — about 45 mins/day for 5 days each week.  I admit I was not terribly excited to get started; but,  when I began to think of that homework as being time that I set aside to spend with God, my attitude changed a little.  Changing how I greeted that writer, that study time, that time to be with God and for God to be with me made a difference.
Who will you be spending time with this week?  How will you greet them and greet the time you will have to spend together?  How will you greet God this week?
Pastor Judy