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Happy New Year!

God’s grace and peace to you in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

I often get a sense of excitement as I think of new beginnings in a new year.  There seem to be so many possibilities on the horizon and it is energizing to envision and imagine how the year might actually come together.  Some of those visions and imaginings do get accomplished and some never come to fruition; a lot depends on my own continued persistence to pursue them.  Sometimes I just “loose heart” and what once seemed like a great possibility never happens.

I am grateful that God never “loses heart” for me!  Or for you! God is always faithful to finish what God begins in each one of us.  That is what I want to cling to on this  New Year’s Day. God’s promises never fail. God’s faithfulness has been proven from generation to generation.  Great is God’s faithfulness towards each of us!

Faithful God, walk with us in this new year and renew our hearts so that they may be set on you.   Amen


Pastor Judy

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