First Presbyterian Church

Hold on to God

On one of my beach walks in Kauai, I noticed on the quiet end of the beach, away from the surfers, there was a couple enjoying the waves very early one morning.  I noticed that they were holding tightly on to one another as the waves gently rolled in. Kauai, is said to be for the “newly wed or nearly dead” and I figured they fell into that “newly wed” category because they never let go of one another. As I turned to walk to the other end of the beach, they were behind me and out of sight.  On my way back as I was facing them, I noticed that they had come out of the water and headed out of the sand and up to the walkway.  Then I saw him helping her attach her forearm crutches so that she could make her way back to the hotel area.  Each step she took was small, laborious and required quite a bit of effort.


In an instant, I realized how wonderful it must have been for her to experience the weightlessness, buoyancy and freedom of being in the water!  What a contrast to see her moving through the water versus seeing her moving on land.  What a loving gift they had shared that morning; she holding onto him and he guiding her through the sand and water. The freedom that she enjoyed by holding on to him was immeasurable!


It made me think about holding onto God and leaning into Jesus as we walk trough life. It seems so paradoxical to think that holding on offers us more freedom than going it alone.  We so want to do it ourselves. Learning to lean on God gives us the freedom to ride the waves of life, the strength to navigate those sandy patches, and God directs us to a path that leads us home.


Hold on to God! There is more freedom in holding on than in letting go!