First Presbyterian Church


Joy and Grace to you this day!

We had our 8 -yr-old granddaughter, Callie, with us for about 10 days.  It was a wonderful 10 days but there were 3 really hard bedtimes.  It was at those bedtimes that the tears flowed and Callie wanted her Mom and Dad. She felt like her world was falling apart and she longed of the comfort of home.  She was “homesick”. It is hard to find the words to comfort a child who is longing for Mom and Dad when Mom and Dad are not available.

It made me think of how vulnerable we are when we are homesick and there is little that offers comfort.  Callie’s comfort when she felt homesick was just to have someone with her — she wanted someone to sleep with her or at least lie down with her till she could get to sleep.

Aren’t we all a little like that?  When we are longing for “home”, don’t we find comfort in having others near us?  Isn’t it a great joy to know that when everything seems wrong in this world we can let God know that we are “homesick” — vulnerable and in need of some attention — at least until we can make it through one more day or one more night. And God is always available and there to comfort us.

There is a lot going on in the lives of people everywhere that makes them “homesick” for the world that God promises us, that Kingdom of God, that reign of God, where comfort, compassion, mercy and love rule.  What can we do to help them make it through one more day or night.  Maybe our presence will offer comfort.  Who might you be present for on this day?

In Grace,
Pastor Judy