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God’s joy to you this morning

I was listening to an interview with a comedian on NPR as I was running errands this weekend and it suddenly occurred to me that I need to laugh more.  We all need to laugh more.

Life can easily get bogged down with work, pressures of doing for others, fulfilling tasks, and in this season — preparing for the holidays.  We need to slow down long enough to find a joyful and laughable moment in our day.  Can we laugh at ourselves as we can barely move after that 30 minute workout at the gym?  Can we laugh at some of those  mistakes we make along the way — when we find out that flower pot has a hole in the bottom because there is water all over the floor?  Can we spend some time finding something to smile about in our day and maybe share it with others?
Laughter is good for our health!  It lowers our blood pressure, helps our brains to make the right synapses, releases chemicals in our bodies that relieve tension and stress and some say it even helps to fight infection.  Laughter is good for our bodies and it is also good for our souls. Laughter helps us to remember not to take ourselves too seriously.  Laughter reminds us that we are truly only human, after all.  What makes you laugh?  What have you done to bring some lightheartedness into your life?  When was the last time you laughed in church?  When was the last time you laughed at yourself?  I think God is pleased when we share the joy of laughter.
Sooooo just to get you started:
Q: What did Cinderella say when her photos weren’t ready?
A: “Some day my prints will come.”  😀😀😀
In Joy and Laughter,
Pastor Judy
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