First Presbyterian Church

Learning and Living with God

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

Learning has always been a part of my life that brings me great joy.   Some of you already know that when I entered seminary it was about learning and not about becoming a pastor at a church.  My quest was to answer some of my own questions about God and scripture and faith; seminary did answer many of my questions, gave me some new questions and added a new dimension to my way of thinking and living.  Some of my most meaningful experiences in seminary involved my relationships with the other students and with the professors.  Learning is not something we do well alone; richer and fuller learning takes place in community.  We all know that the individual must do their own part in the learning process but education expands and bears greater fruit when we hear the voices and experiences of other learners.  This is so very true when learning about God.

We all have personal relationships with the Holy One and each one of us experiences God in so many different ways within our lifetime that it adds to the understanding and learning for all of us when we share those experiences together.  There are times in our lives when God is very, veery close to us and there are times in our lives when we can’t even catch a glimpse of anything Holy or Good. There are experiences that nourish our relationship with God and there are experiences that drive us away from believing that a living God can even exist.  Learning to share those experiences with one another is what Christian community is all about. Speaking our story and listening to one another’s experiences give all of us a better understanding and picture of God.

Take some time to find a friend, a Bible study, a study group, where you can share some of your thoughts and experiences of God. They do not have to be deeply theological in nature they just have to be your experiences.  It will enrich your life, it will answer your questions, it will grow your understanding, it will give you more questions, it will give you peace in knowing that you are not alone on this journey we call faith and understanding.  Where is God calling you to share and learn?

In God’s grace,
Pastor Judy