First Presbyterian Church

Make New Friends

God’s Peace and grace to you this morning!

Today I am reminded of a song I  learned ass a child:

Make new friends

But keep the old

One is silver 

And the other gold!

The tune was simple and we would sing it over and over again.  We often would sing it in rounds in our classrooms as a new school year or a new Sunday school year began.  The words of that song are a good reminder for our lives.

Today, I am living out those words within two of my communities of faith. Even as I am here in Mundelein, sharing past memories, reconnecting with friends and laughing and crying together; you, my friends and faith family in Connersville are on my heart too!

I am grateful for the ways God has used former friends and is using present friends to mold me, and all of us together, into a united family of faith.  I see the handprints of so many godly people in my life and it is an amazing tapestry of God’s love.  It is good to stop and remember and give thanks.

I would encourage you as you enjoy this Sabbath day, to reflect on who has been helpful and important to you in guiding you along your faith journey.  We do not walk alone; we walk together and in unity with God. Take time to “make new friends, but keep the old”. Each one is precious!  Praise God for the people in your life and give thanks for God’s presence in your life!

Blessings as you share in worship together this morning!

Pastor Judy