First Presbyterian Church

Memorial Day

May God’s peace rest on all we remember this Memorial Day.

We take an extra day off this week in honor of those we remember on Memorial Day.  One less day in the work week and one extra day in the weekend.  Perhaps we really will set aside some time of remembrance  on this special day, I hope you are able to do that.

Having a Monday holiday reminds me of the fact that God set apart a day of rest for us that we call Sabbath.  A day and a time to remember that we are God’s people.  A day to celebrate God’s goodness and provision; a day to worship and give thanks in a different way, perhaps different than we do the rest of the week.  Sabbath is a way to renew our souls and  spirits in the intentional presence of God and of one another.  Sometimes our lives get so entwined with our doing that we forget to take time to be — to be with God and to be with one another; to enjoy the gifts and beauty of our world and of our God.

I hope having an extra day to remember  those who have given their lives in our nations’s history will remind you that they now rest in peace.  I hope also that it will remind you that God ordained a day of rest and peace even in the midst of the hectic lives we sometimes lead. Take time today for Sabbath rest.  Take time tomorrow to remember those for whom Memorial Day is set aside.  Give thanks for both!