First Presbyterian Church


God’s grace and peace to you this day!

In this cold weather, when I have been able to get out for a walk, I have been wearing my earmuffs. It is surprising to me how much they dampen what I can hear when I wear them.  It makes such a difference that I do not wear earmuffs when I am driving.  Everything is muffled when I have them on.  Some sounds, I hear are harder to distinguish and yet some of the sounds, like my coat collar rubbing on the earmuffs, are intensified.

It makes me think about how I hear what is happening in my every day life.  What attitudes do I have that “muffle” what people say to me?  What filters do I use when listening to others that muffle what I hear them saying? How about God, what muffles God’s voice in my life and what are the voices that are intensified because they are close enough to rub up against me?

It might be interesting to identify the “earmuffs” we wear on a daily basis.  What are our preconceived notions that keep us from really hearing when someone has an opposite opinion?  What are the words that are intensified and keep repeating louder when really they are the ideas that chaff us, like my coat collar?

God wants to transform us and yet God’s word to us is often muffled because of our own agendas, our own mindset, our own egos that we wear as “earmuffs.” How would we hear each other and God differently if we were willing to take off those “earmuffs” and listen more carefully and clearly?

Joseph gives us a good example of someone who took off his “earmuffs” and listened more carefully to God’s voice in his life; he took Mary to be his wife in spite of what other voices suggested.   It took an angel in a dream to help Joseph hear.  What would it take for us to hear?


In God’s Grace,

Pastor Judy