First Presbyterian Church

One Day at a Time

God’s Grace and Peace to you this day!

What a difference a day makes. There’s a song by that title. Our lives are made up by living those days one at a time.  I looked out my bedroom window yesterday morning and for the first time, I noticed that some of the leaves on the tree are yellow and red.  What a difference a day makes.  We get a note in the mail or a call from a friend and all of a sudden everything is different than it was 24 hours earlier.  Seems like some weeks are filled with those days that make a difference in our lives — sometimes a forever difference and sometimes a difference that knocks our world a little off kilter just for a short time.

How do we handle those days that seem to change our lives and catch us off kilter? One way is to remind ourselves of the changeless things in our lives,  getting back to the routine, often helps us through some of those times of chaos.  God can be one of those changeless forces in our lives.  God can be part of the routine that gets us through the chaos.  Remembering who we are as beloved children, made in the image of a grace-filled God, often gives us the courage to face the difference-making days in our lives.

My prayer for all of you and for myself as well, is that God will be so present in our lives that knowing God will make the greatest difference in each of our days. God’s presence will be a forever difference in our lives.

Blessings to you all,
Pastor Judy