First Presbyterian Church


Happy Pentecost!  
Pentecost is about experiencing and being moved by God.  For so many of us our faith is about knowledge and understanding which is good; we need to know what and why we believe.  Pentecost gives us an occasion to experience God in a more sensual way.  The disciples felt the“violent wind”, saw the “tongues of fire” and heard  the sound of their many voices uttering sound they did not quite understand yet others did.
When was the last time you let yourself experience God?  When did you last feel a soft breeze or a wind that made you aware of God’s presence and power — a presence of gentleness or a power of strength?  When did you last see God in something of beauty that you could just not explain —the vastness of a canyon or the sky above you; the perfection of a tiny insect, flower or hand?  When did you last let yourself hear God by enjoying the majesty of music or the roaring ocean waves; or the contented gurgling and babbling of an infant or the laughter of children at play?
God is a God of love, whom we know, understand and experience through our minds, hearts, souls and senses.  Let us not put up any barriers to the way that God might show God’s love for us. Let us be open to experiencing God and then let us show our gratitude by thanking God and sharing that love with those around us.  
May Pentecost be a beginning, a birthing, a renewing of a new way of experiencing God for you!
Pastor Judy