First Presbyterian Church

Preparing for Rally Day

May God fill you with the abundance of God’s love for you this day!

I am continually thinking about our upcoming Rally Day and how we can reclaim and reframe that excitement about starting a new year of activity.  Can you recall as a student what excited you about the start of a new school year?  As a child I always remember the gathering of school supplies — a new box of crayons, pencils, erasers, notebooks.  I also looked forward to meeting new people and seeing friends I had not seen all summer long.  There was the excitement about who would be in your class, who the teacher would be, and who might on the school bus.  And even though we probably did not voice it as children, there was the anticipation that we would be learning something new!

We can still be excited about those things as we come together for Rally Day at First Pres!  Who might be a new friend in the coming year — someone you might invite or someone you might get to know better?   What new opportunities might be available this year as we see “God Revealed” in our midst?  What might God have in store to teach  you this year?  Why might God teach us together as a congregation?  We have several folks who will be sharing about how God has been revealed in their own lives; come and hear the stories and be renewed in your own walk with God.  Your anticipation could go a long way to making this year a time of celebration and growing together.  I am excited about the prospects of a new year together and  hope to share that excitement with you as we gather for Rally Day on September 11!

In the meantime, let us prepare our hearts as we worship at the Lord’s Table today and remember who we are and whose we are.  May God bless our time together this day and every day!

Sharing in God’s love,

Pastor Judy