First Presbyterian Church

Reformation Sunday!

God’s Grace and Peace to you this day!

Reformation Sunday!  This is the Sunday that we celebrate Martin Luther, the “95 Theses” and the beginning of the reformed movement and protestantism.  It goes back to October 31, 1517. 

“Initially protesting the pope’s attempt to sell salvation, Luther’s study of Scripture soon led him to oppose the church of Rome on issues including the primacy of the Bible over church tradition and the means by which we are found righteous in the sight of God.”

We still sometimes get bogged down in trying to earn God’s approval, forgiveness and righteousness through our own efforts.  Like Luther, we need to read and study Scripture, to know for ourselves,  over and over again,  the gift of  God’s sanctifying love for us. 

One of the reasons I love the Presbyterian Church is that it allows me to constantly be asking questions — about God, scripture, myself. We have a rich history of learning.  “Reformed and always reforming”, is one of the traits of our denomination, PC(USA). God is always intervening in our lives being reincarnated in our world today through the Holy Spirit. The Word, Jesus Christ, continues to be alive and active in our lives today.

Thanks be to God for the you and all people who continue to share that Good News!

By the way, we have a wonderful group that meets for Bible study on Monday nights where we are asking questions and learning and growing  together.  You are welcome to join us!   If you ever have questions, the door is open, let’s explore the Scriptures together! (If you would like more information about studying with us or would like to start a new group for study just ask Pastor Judy!)

In God’s great grace,

Pastor Judy