First Presbyterian Church

Remebering Peggy

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

I feel a bit empty this morning.  This week came with a lot of challenges from several different directions and I felt like I was floundering just to keep up.  I wanted the world to stop just long enough for me to get my bearings again.  The world kept going. And then I received the news that a friend and dear colleague, Peggy McDonald, lost her battle to cancer way too soon.
In the different notices I received, it was obvious that many were broken-hearted and devastated by the news especially those who had known Peggy much longer than I had.  But what has given me hope, what has renewed my bearings, were the words of our faith tradition that continue to ring true, “In life and in death we belong to God.”  I also am lifted by those who remind us that her last celebration is a “Witness to the Resurrection.”  It is more than a celebration of one life, it is a celebration of The One who gives life, — abundant life and eternal life.  Our lives reflect what we believe about death — “In life and in death we belong to God.”  In life and in death we celebrate God, who holds all so tenderly and lovingly and compassionately.  We celebrate life, resurrection and life everlasting.
There will be a void in the lives of many because of Peggy’s death.  But I am convinced that God will be present to hold us all because “in life and in death we belong to God!”
Pastor Judy