First Presbyterian Church

Serving God by Serving Others

God’s grace and peace to you this morning!

We had a family event this weekend that made me think about how God cares for us.  My mom had a medical emergency that turned out treatable and was quickly resolved although not without a lot of pain and fear for her. With them in NC and me in  IN, I could only observe from afar via phone messages through the whole process.  

And yet, I felt involved in the outcome through prayers.  I also saw God work through so many people who gathered around Mom and Dad in their time of need.  My brother, Bobby and his wife, Kathy, came over in the middle of the night to be with Dad, while a member from church came over to go to the ER with Mom. By the time Mom was at the doctor’s office, my brother, Larry, was headed from TN to NC to help out. Saturday morning Mom was much better!

As I think about how God cares for us, I see God at work in the many people who surrounded Mom and Dad in that moment of need.  I saw family and friend relationships that had been nurtured for years respond to what appeared to be a crisis.  I am certain that God was in the midst of much that was happening and the care for my folks was a result of a shared bond in God’s love.  

How do we demonstrate that bond of love with family, with friends and most of all with God?  What is our responsibility when it comes to responding to God’s call to help and love one another, in care and in service? Can we love and serve one another better when we love and serve God better?  And the bigger question for our world today  — who are the people that we are called to care for and serve because of God’s love for us?  Is it only immediate family, or a church member — how about a neighbor we hardly know?  How about a Muslim or a Buddhist, or an Atheist?  Why do we treat some people with love and respect and not show that same love and respect for others?  How would God have us live?

In these days when it seems like almost daily a crisis arises, I am more frequently reminded of Micah 6:8.  I keep asking myself,  how do live life with justice and kindness towards all and stand humbly before God? How about you?


Pastor Judy