First Presbyterian Church

Signs of Promise

Another post about walking.   

This has been a dismal week for walking.  The mornings have been rainy and the afternoons have been darkly overcast; it has been windy.  It has been hard to find a break in the weather to get outside and walk.  The trees are so bare that you can see all the way through the stands of trees to the roadways behind them.  Not the relaxing and soul-lifting experience that I am looking for. 

HOWEVER, I noticed this tree on Thursday and was so hopeful that I stopped and took a picture. Can you see the fullness of the buds on the tips of the branches? And then Saturday morning dawned with full sun! 

Now, I know there are plenty of winter days left. I have seen the temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s predicted for next week, but… I have now seen promises of Spring and warmer weather.  I so often need to have reminders to lift my spirits. That blossoming tree and that full sunshine put a real bounce into my walk this week.

I need reminders of God, too.  I forget about those promises in some of the dark days. Then I am reminded; I see people who stand for right, I see people going out of their way to care for one another, I am reminded of answers to prayers, I receive a thank-you card in the mail, I read a passage of scripture that speaks in a very personal way.   Maybe it is just my introvert nature but I need reminders of God’s presence to keep a bounce in my walk with God.  I need time alone with God but I also need time to see God’s people in action. 

What helps you to remember God’s promises?  What are the signs of promise that refresh you and add that bounce to your step?  Are you looking for God’s presence?  May God refresh you this day with signs of promise!

 In God’s grace and thanksgiving,

Pastor Judy