First Presbyterian Church

Signs of Promise

God’s grace and peace to you this morning!

Wasn’t yesterday a fabulous February weather day for us here in Indiana! WOW! The morning chill and fog soon gave way to bright sunshine and warming temperatures. It was a glorious day to be outside — even for just a little while.

Having that warmer day and noticing bulbs beginning to come up — all signs of spring — reminded me that even though it is still February and cold days are not completely behind us, there is a promise that Spring is not too far away. It made my heart glad to welcome that taste of what is to come. It also made me wonder, what signs does God send into my life to remind me of the promises God has made? To remind me of God’s presence? Am I too busy to notice those signs of promise and presence?

Do I see the healing of relationships in my life as signs of God’s powerful reconcilliation? Do I see the undeserved love that is poured out towards me as a sign of God’s abounding love towards me? Do I recognize the small moments in my life when people gather together to share a meal, a prayer, a study as sacred and holy? God’s promises are rich and abundant! It is hard to mistake a 70 degree day in the middle of February as a foretaste of Spring but it often seems easy to let life’s small moments of love and grace go unnoticed as foretastes of God’s promised kingdom.

In this season of Lent, we are called to slow down and be more aware; more aware of God’s promises and presence. My prayer is that we begin to see, with eyes wide open, the signs of promise and presence of God in each new day. Where is God in your day — even today?

Pastor Judy