First Presbyterian Church

Standing in God’s Love

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

We are back from 2 weeks at the ocean and it was so very refreshing and renewing for me.  I have always loved the ocean and our family often vacationed on the shores of the Atlantic as I was growing up. After Art and I moved to California we had the opportunity to explore the Pacific.  There is something magnificent and overpowering about the ocean and it always touches my soul. 

I really enjoyed my early morning walks along the ocean while we were away.  I would walk at the oceans edge feeling the warm sand and the warm water.  Often I would just stand at the water’s edge, look out at the scenic vista and let the waves wash over my feet. As the waves receded, I found my feet  buried a little deeper in the sand.   

As I was standing there one morning I thought about how life sometimes seems to wash over us and crash against us and sometimes feels like it will overtake us but God gives us the warmth of God’s love to dig our feet into.  No matter how strong the wave, I found myself standing a little deeper in God’s love. I hope I can always remember that image and that feeling of security.  The security that God gives us a strong place to stand even in the midst of a world that would come crashing in on us. After the waves moved back out to the ocean I could lift my feet higher and move on.  I could see footprints of others who had been there and had moved to higher ground. It was a wonderful reminder to me of God’s gift of presence with us throughout all of life.  

May God be present to you this day and may you stand in that presence even as the waves crash at your feet!


Pastor Judy