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God’s grace and peace to you this day!

Storytelling.  I am just beginning to realize the impact of storytelling in a new and different way.  I have started listening to books being read by storytellers as I take my morning walks. I have always loved books and reading but listening to others read has a different impact.  Hearing a story stirs my senses differently than merely reading it.  I have not taken the time to read much fiction in many years, so in a way listening to novels and fiction has been quite refreshing and enjoyable.
There is much more to storytelling than just the words. There are accents and pitch changes in a voice that convey feelings and the importance of one word over another.  I wonder, as I am writing this, how would Matthew or Mark or Luke or John read us the stories they have written? What would they emphasize that perhaps we don’t quite see as we focus on the words?  How would they use their voice to make a point more emphatic? How might we “hear” their story differently than how we “read” their story?  What difference would it make if we knew the storyteller in person, their background, how they lived, what they did in their spare time?  How might we hear their story differently if we knew that we, too, were a part of their story; a later chapter?
Scripture was written to tell a story, God’s story, and we are a part of that story.  Reading the Bible, hearing the Bible read, envisioning the story, helps us get a better understanding of God’s part in our own story and our part in the bigger story that God is still telling.  I hope you are taking time to hear as well as read God’s story in your life this day. Listening is an important part of storytelling.
Pastor Judy
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