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Thanks for the prayers!!!

As most of you know, Pastor Mitch has been wearing the Dad Mitch hat full-time during last week and this week. While he and daughter Margaret set out last Tuesday to find a rental in preparation for Margaret’s new job as Neonatal Intensive Care Chaplain at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, IN. (In case you will soon be looking for a rental situation in Columbus, be aware – there are none!) Margaret and her mom had gone two weeks ago and looked 4 days. Surely we would have better luck! Surely since Margaret better knew the layout of Columbus as opposed to the first visit, our search would be minized. Wrong on both accounts. Several realtors informed us as to the critical shortage of rental apartments and houses throughout the entire country. Most renters referred us to Craig’s List ( an online service where people list sale items, properties, goods and services by price, city and cost.) By late Thursday Margaret and I were tired, frustrated and discouraged while Linda (wife and mom extraordinary) managed the search from Bloomington). She monitored the new additions to Craig’s List and directed us to the new possibilities. “Have you seen the darling, 2 bedroom, 1 bath house, with newly remodeled kitchen, new refrigerator and dishwasher, new roof, sun room, patio and detached garage?” So we called, saw the house in a family friendly neighborhood, stood in line with the others waiting to walk through, and Margaret offered her renters application with her best smile and most hope-filled prayer. The owners would call us by the end of the weekend with their answer. Within 3 hours, they had called Margaret to offer her the rental!!!
Now on to the moving. Now the challenge to transfer all Margaret’s earthly belongings from Greenville, SC to Columbus, Oh by Monday, August 27. Once again, Pastor Mitch wore the Dad Mitch cap for another several days as we left Columbus Friday afternoon enroute to Greenville to begin the process of securing a UHaul truck and RentAHunks for loading so that Pastor Mitch can avoid becoming Bad Back Mitch by lifting and moving what he shouldn’t be lifting and moving.
We can be in the Columbus house Friday as the owners move to their new location. We pick up the truck Wednesday and pull out Thursday enroute to complete the journey begun on July 13 when Margaret texted me at 12:51 PM to say, “I got the job!” Thank you for your patience and prayers! Thank you for your support of my family and my time to get our daughter situated in ways that sometimes only a parent can do. I’ll be there Sunday, August 26 for worship. Please continue to keep us in your prayers this week. Pray that all will go well as the RentAHunks load in Greenville and unload in Columbus. Pray that Mitch will allow that to happen and not be compelled to lift, tote or carry what he shouldn’t lift, tote or carry. Most of all pray for Margaret as she completes her relocation, begins her fantastic new job and completes her ordination process begun over 6 years ago in the basement of Scipio Presbyterian Church where she told a committee from the Ohio Valley Presbytery that God was calling her to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament. Thanks for your hand and heart along this way to help complete the journey!

Nationalwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Columbus, Ohio