First Presbyterian Church

The hands and feet of Jesus

What grace and peace the Lord offers to each of us!

This has been a week of discovery. A time of grace as you ministered to me, your pastor, by allowing me to spend some much needed An adult holds a child's hand time with my folks in NC. I am glad to report that my Dad is working hard with the physical therapists and is gaining enough strength to be able to stand on his own. My Mom and Dad both are being ministered to by their church family with visits, camaraderie, and support.

We can do so much to be the hands and feet of Jesus to one another. It often takes so little yet means so very much. Discovering what it means to be “ministered to” allows us to better minister to others; yet often we choose not to be on the receiving end. We want to be strong, independent and self reliant; yet we all need assistance at some point in our lives.

We, like the lambs and sheep, need to be feed along the way. What are you doing to feed others with the grace and mercy of Jesus? How are you letting yourself be fed by others? It is an ongoing process and we are all much stronger if we feed one another along the way instead of waiting till we are starving.

Jesus reminded Peter, “feed my sheep, feed my lambs, follow me”. By feeding and being fed by one another we grow as followers of Jesus.

Pastor Judy