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This is the Lord’s Day, May it Be So!


God’s grace and peace to you this Lord’s Day!

I have typed the phrase, “This is the Lord’s Day”  nearly every Sunday morning for over 2 years now.  But it is this morning that I realize I don’t always acknowledge that as I live throughout the day.  Actually every day is the Lord’s Day because each day we live is a gift from God.  God created days and God created us — it all belongs to God.  But how do I make that truth real in my own life?  How do I live that out?

In this Advent season especially, I wonder if it would make any difference in how I live if I lived purposely into the fact that “this is the Lord’s day?”  Would it matter as I scurried to mark off everything on my “To Do” list if I stopped to remember this is the Lord’s day?  Would it matter in the anxiety of getting everything done perfectly that I stopped to remember, this is the Lord’s day?  Would it make a difference in how I spent my time if I thought about it as the Lord’s day time?  Would I be more aware of God’s presence in the work I do and the people I encounter if I trusted God to orchestrate my day because  I believe it really is the Lord’s day? Do I believe that God steps into my day —  every day — making each day, the Lord’s day?  

Advent is about Emmanuel, God with us, in every day, in every way.  Maybe the surprise and challenge of this advent season  will be to encounter God in each day, to make every day the Lord’s day.  

Maybe we start off by simply daily praying, “Dear Lord, make this day your day in my life.”  

Maybe by Christmas morning we will be able to join the angels “Hallelujah!” by adding  our own song by truly saying, “this is the day the Lord has made; This is the LORD’S DAY!”

May God make it so, in your life and in mine.

Amen and Amen!

Pastor Judy

picture: from Google images; Machine Embroidery Designs

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