First Presbyterian Church


Transfiguration says Miriam Webster, in their on-line Student Dictionary, is  “a great change of form or appearance; especially : a change that beautifies, glorifies, or makes more spiritual.”

It is easy to gloss over the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus because it gets sandwiched in between the waning days of Christmas and the waxing days of Easter.   It gets caught up in those hum-drum days of daily life.  But it is exactly in those hum-drum days that we spend much of our lives. That is why it is important!  Those things we do day by day are the things that change our lives. The gospels give us a picture of the beauty and glory that is displayed by Jesus on the mountaintop. A beauty and glory, a transfiguration, that is displayed by a life lived day by day claiming resurrection!

Come and worship with us at 10:30 on this Transfiguration Sunday!

“This is my Son; listen to Him!” (Luke 9:35)