First Presbyterian Church

Virtual Reality

God’s grace and peace you this day!

I had a new experience this week.  Virtual Reality.  It was more than amazing, it was a full body experience! There are parts of that experience I did not want to give up as I came back into the real world of the here and now. There are parts of that experience that calmed, relaxed and elated me; there were parts of that world that terrified me and made me scream and retract my arms and legs closer to my body.  It was so incredibly real but there are no words that can explain to you the impact, the feelings and the experience of virtual reality until you have “been there done that”  for yourself.

I believe Jesus was the first virtual realist!  Jesus had lived in the kingdom of God and was here on earth trying to explain to us what that was like.  Our New Testament, especially, is filled with word pictures of what life in God’s kingdom “is like.”  Words cannot do it justice but that is all we have at this point.

What do you imagine the world of the God’s Kingdom to be like?  How would you experience God’s kingdom in a world of virtual reality?

We are going to talk about virtual reality this morning; come and hear what God may have for you this day!

Pastor Judy