First Presbyterian Church

Walking With God

God’s grace and peace to yo this morning!

I finally got out for a walk one day this week. Friday was bright and sunny but cold! I was glad to be able to be outside and I was grateful for the exercise but it was not one of my favorite walks. My sunglasses kept fogging up; my earmuffs made it hard to hear. I walked with my head down to be sure I was staying off the wet icy patches along my way. And did I say it was cold! And no one else was out walking that day.

Sometimes I feel like that is how it is with my walk with God. Some days I am so filled with the wonder of God’s presence, the fellowship of others and the beauty of the world around me; and some days it feels like a cold, icy plod through the world all by myself. The cold icy days of plodding through are hard and make me wonder if I am even on the right path.

When I am walking outside a lot depends on the weather conditions; there are always sunny, warm days and there are always some cold, icy days. When I am walking with God, a lot depends on my heart conditions; some days my heart overflows with God’s goodness and some days my heart wonders where has God gone.

What condition is your heart in right now? Are you fearful and angry and feeling like you are plodding along all by yourself? Are you filled with gratitude and grateful for all that God is doing in your life and in the lives of those around you? Or are you somewhere in between?

The good news is that God’s presence with us does not depend on the weather conditions outside and God’s heart toward us does not depend on our heart condition inside. God’s is always available and God’s heart toward us is always one of love.   Even when our eyes cannot see because of our foggy glasses, even when our ears cannot hear because they are covered over, even when our heads are down and we are just going in circles one step at a time; we can be sure that God is walking with us and that makes the walk worthwhile.

Keep Walking!

Pastor Judy