First Presbyterian Church

Walking with the Son

I had a great walk at Dale Cemetery about 8:00 on Saturday morning.  The sun was up and provided a giant shadow as I started out with the sun at my back.  As I rounded the curve, I noticed my shadow beside me and finally as I faced into the sun, my shadow disappeared.  Not anything special but it did remind me about my relationship with Jesus and what it means to follow Jesus.

With the Son (think sun = Son, Jesus) behind me, I walk in my own shadow; with only my own history and presence to guide me.  As I move forward, turning to face the Son a little more, my shadow moves to one side and the Son seems to come along on the other side of me.  I begin following a little different path than the one my own shadow provides.  As I face the Son full on, my own vision is dimmed by the brightness of the Son and sometimes I have to just walk in faith, not really seeing the whole path but following the part that the light from the Son illuminates..  My own shadow now is behind me and does not guide and direct my path; I finally am following the Son.

What other parallels or analogies do you see?  How about the shadow – how it lengthens and shortens and sometimes disappears; how it is so disproportionate to the actual object it represents?  Interesting!

God is so good to give us reminders of God’s presence all around us – in the shadows and in the light; in the long and in the short stretches of life. May God guide your steps as you follow after the Son.

Pastor Judy