First Presbyterian Church

Wedding Day

God’s grace and peace to you this day!

The day of the wedding finally arrived!  After all of the preparations by soooooo many people, it all came together beautifully!  The bride and the bridegroom have begun their lives together as one.

We witnessed the work of God’s unity this weekend.  The Bible tells of the unity of the bridegroom (Christ) and the bride (the church).  Scripture tells of all the preparation that is done behind the scenes so that the day of the wedding comes together beautifully; of the many small pieces that make the day grand.  Just as the bride and groom prepare for their day by planning vows, music, rehearsals, pictures, flowers, food and the list goes on; so Christ and the church are to one day be united so that all the world will be invited to the celebration.  We all are the ones celebrating and celebrated on that day when in that mystical moment we become like the bride and join forever into a bond of family with God — and the good news is there is no caveat about “till death do us part”.  On that day we will all experience the wonder of life everlasting; the world will be made complete, perfect, just as God planned from the beginning and we will celebrate forever.  Praise be to God for that day! We do the work of preparation each and every day that we live in closer unity with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  How are you preparing yourself for that big day?

In God’s love and peace,
Pastor  Judy