First Presbyterian Church

What We See

God’s grace and peace to each of you,

I recently was standing in our kitchen one evening and happened to look out our back window as the sun was going down.  I stood in amazement as I saw the reflection of the sun play across the grassless yard and among the barren trees. The next night I looked for it again and marveled at the beauty realizing that this was a scene only available in the midst of winter.  The green grass of spring or summer and the canopy of leaves on all the trees would prevent the light from pouring through. It was only when life seemed dormant that the sun was able to make its way into that clearing. It was only as the green of the grass was gone that the reflection of the light  danced upon the fallen twigs and warmed the dust of the ground.  

It was a reminder to me that God is still in the business of creating beauty and warmth, even when it looks like there is no life and the world feels cold.  Sometimes we just have to be still enough to feel the warmth and slow down enough to see the light. I wonder, how that works in our lives — in our hearts and souls, as well as in the world around us.  God is still creating beauty on the earth and God is still creating beauty in our own lives, and in the lives of the people around us. That’s what we see when we see God’s kingdom here on earth — that’s incarnation and resurrection!

In Grace,

Pastor Judy