First Presbyterian Church

World Communion Sunday – Day of Global Witness and Peace

May you find your joy and strength in the Lord this day!

There was a large “boulder”  that sat at the edge of ocean.  Each day I passed it as I walked along the shore.  It had about a 6 foot circumference in its irregular shape and at it’s highest point was probably no more than 3-4 feet tall.  It’s presence made an interesting diversion as the waves rolling toward shore would strike it from behind and lap at it’s sides.  Sometimes the wave would hit the boulder and water would rush towards the front of the boulder from the left side and sometimes it would appear coming around the right side of the boulder — and yes, sometimes from both sides.  But, the waves never seemed to be forceful enough to have the two sides meet and completely surround the boulder like a moat.  And yet, every now and then it happened.  I would stop and watch as I walked by to see if the two sides ever met and wait for that one wave that would completely surround the boulder.  It reminded me of two arms reaching around the boulder and sometimes with enough force and stretch the fingers touched and they completely hugged the boulder.

I think about that picture that is etched in my mind on this World Communion Sunday, on this day that we are reminded of our brothers and sisters all around the world and a day that we pray for global peace.  It is like the world is calling out to be surrounded and hugged with the love of Christ and we just can’t quite make our fingers touch.  We just aren’t able to stretch our resources to make ends meet, we aren’t strong and forceful enough to go over the top or bridge the gap that would bring us a world surrounded by God’s love. And yet God gives us hope that it will happen.  God gives us glimpses of it every now and then as  God moves us to share what we have with others, God calls us to speak up for those in the gap and God gives us the strength to take a stand so that all are protected and the wells of water are filled.  

It is possible!  It is possible for people everywhere to know God’s love if we are willing to reach out one by one — to spread our hands till all our fingers touch and bridge the gap.  Then the pathway will be complete and God’s spirit can flow all the way around the world.  The world, like that boulder, can be completely surrounded by the refreshing waters of God’s love and grace. Let us come to the table with outstretched arms and prayers of peace for all.  Let’s give the world a hug and embrace it within the strength and power of God’s love.  


Pastor Judy